Sara Ann Bilezikian Sustainability Fellowship

Amount Approximately $8,765 per year for 2 years, to one applicant


Need-Based Not need-based

2 year award: approximately $8,765 per year for 2 years will be awarded to one student admitted in even years who is studying sustainability.

The next award cycle is for students admitted in Fall 2022. One student will be awarded approximately $8,765 per year for 2022-23 and 2023-24.

No FAFSA is required for this award: financial need is not considered.

First, apply via the online MPA Sponsored Aid Application submit an essay of 250 words or less describing your record of academic and professional work in the field of sustainability, as well as how your current and intended course of study and future goals will serve the field of sustainability.

In addition, the following two additional required materials need to be sent to the MPA Program Assistant, Dhara Katz via email at

- A current resume

- A letter of recommendation supporting your application. Your recommender should email this directly to Dhara.