Commute by Bus

When's The Bus Coming?

One Bus Away provides real-time bus arrival information. It’s available on your mobile device, from the web, or by text message.

Evergreen is served year-round by two Intercity Transit bus routes:

When school is in session, the student-funded Nightline runs at night on weekends on the same route as the #41.

Find more local routes and schedule information on Intercity Transit’s website.

Ride for Free

Currently enrolled students, as well as permanent and temporary employees can ride Intercity Transit for free.

Students: show your student ID with a validation sticker for the current quarter. (You can only have three quarter stickers showing at any time.) Not valid on express routes.

Permanent and temporary employees: get a STAR pass sticker for your staff/faculty ID to ride on Intercity Transit for free. Part-time permanent and temporary employees are eligible too. To get your STAR pass, visit Parking Services. Learn more about the state's STAR Pass program.

Graduation Day, June 14, 2019

Here is the Intercity Transit bus service plan for June 14th only. 

DROP OFF: Intercity Transit bus service will be on their regular schedule – every 15 minutes. 

PICK UP: Between 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm Intercity Transit will avoid the roundabout and McCann Plaza.  Buses will be on their regular schedules on Driftwood and Overhulse Place.  Intercity Transit requested that flagger traffic-control assist them if needed at the intersection of Overhulse Place and Evergreen Parkway, so they can head northbound on Evergreen Parkway during this time.

Buses will not be entering Indian Pipe Loop, due to Housing Loop being closed for continuing Housing check-out. 

If B & C lots are cleared before 4:00 pm Intercity Transit will be notified so that they may resume their regular schedule.

Dial-a-Lift vans will have access to their usual pick-up and drop-off site behind the Library Building throughout the day, Friday, June 14th.

Staff & faculty may use their STAR bus pass stickers on their campus IDs as bus passes to ride the Intercity Transit, Grays Harbor Transit, and Mason County Transit buses for free.

Evergreen students may use their student ID’s with current quarterly validation sticker as a bus pass to ride the Intercity Transit buses for free.

Combine Bike And Bus

If you like to bike, but the ride to Evergreen is a little too far, try putting your bike on the bus. All Intercity Transit buses have bike racks, with room for two bikes per bus. Find out more on the Intercity Transit website.