Carpools & Vanpools

Preferential parking is available in parking lots B and C for registered carpools and vanpools. Please contact Parking Services for more information.


To register for a carpool all members of the carpool must visit the Parking Office together to sign up. You may register as many vehicles and people as you wish and we will issue one permit to share among the vehicles.  The permit prices are the same as non-carpoolers, however, you may share the costs of parking and vehicle costs among your carpool partners.

When members of the carpool must drive alone, do not use the carpool parking spaces. When more than one car that is registered in the carpool must drive to campus, only one vehicle may use the permit. All other vehicles would need to purchase hourly/daily parking at the Parking Payment Kiosks located in Lot B, Lot C, or Lot F or via the Flowbird parking app.  Violations will result in a shared use permit violation to ALL vehicles on the shared permit that were parked at the same time.

Find someone to carpool with using Rideshare.


A vanpool refers to an arrangement where several people (7 to 15) share the ride to work or school in a van provided by a local transit agency. The vanpool group travels from home (or a prearranged meeting place) to work or school and back in a single round trip. Learn more about local vanpools. Find someone to vanpool with.