Campus Land Use Committee

The Campus Land Use Committee meets every third Monday of the month in the Facilities Services conference room, Lab II, room 1250 from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00p.m.

About this Committee

The Campus Land Use Committee meets every third Monday of the month in the Facilities Services conference room, Lab II, room 1250 from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00p.m.

The Campus Land Use Committee (CLUC) provides oversight, support and recommendations in regards to land use proposals from all segments of the campus population. The CLUC is responsible for the periodic update of the college’s Master Plan which was approved in January 2008.

All proposals involving outdoor land use on campus must be reviewed by the Campus Land Use Committee. The Committee is an advisory group to the VP for Finance and Administration. Issues of major substance will be forwarded via the VP to Senior Management for final approval. 

The committee consists of members of the Evergreen faculty, staff and student body. Meetings may change periodically depending on the academic schedule. If there are questions regarding meeting times, dates or agenda items, please contact the Assistant to the Director of Facilities Services at 360-867-5135 for up to date information.

CLUC Procedures

The Committee reviews land use project proposals on a monthly basis. A Campus Land Use Proposal Application (Word) must be completed and submitted to the Committee at least one week prior to the meeting in which you want your project reviewed. Electronic applications are preferred, but paper copies are also accepted. The application can be submitted to the CLUC distribution list (, or turned in to the Assistant to the Director of Facilities in Lab II 1254a. If the proposal is hand delivered, it will be scanned and emailed to the Committee members.

Proposals should not exceed one and a half pages (map and supporting documentation can be additional pages). The applicant will be notified if the project is placed on the agenda for the requested meeting date. The agenda is available on the web a few days before the meeting.

The applicant may attend the meeting to support the proposal. At the meeting, the Committee may request additional information, ask that community input be obtained, and/or authorize, conditionally authorize or reject the project (if it is a low impact project).

The Committee submits recommendations for authorization on high impact projects to the Vice President for Finance and Administration. The applicant is notified with the determination by the Chair, Co-chair, or a designee.

In accordance with the Campus Master Plan, the CLUC reviews all land use applications for the following:

  • consistency with the educational mission of the college,
  • consistency with the Policies and Procedures of the Master Plan,
  • suitability with the use criteria for specific land areas of the campus,
  • environmental sensitivity and SEPA compliance if required,
  • conflicts with other approved and proposed uses within or near the desired site.

Please be sure to include the above information, as applicable, in your application.

Other Members

Michael Joseph—Geoduck Student Union

Alexander Butler—Geoduck Student Union

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