Professional Certificates

Professional Certificates are offered through learning professional studies and workforce development experiences that are distinct from the regular curriculum.

These certificates offer continuing education units for individuals toward specific careers and professional fields. 

Upcoming Professional Certificates

Inclusive Community Leadership  (ICL) Certificate

Learn to lead school transformation for inclusive, safe, healthy and just school communities where families belong. 

When school district leaders create new equity goals, educators have to learn new social practices to realize these goals.  Equity goals generally under conceptualize and under specify the amount of new learning required to achieve these new policy goals. Learning to achieve equity goals is particularly complex, contentious, situated, and ongoing and may be most responsive to skilled, accurate, timely and accessible coaching. Drawing on the successful model of instructional coaching, an Inclusive Community Leader is trained to support school wide transformation from exclusion to inclusion and from retributive justice to restorative justice. The skills identified for this certificate include a comprehensive understanding of anti-racist practices for education, racial identity development, affinity group support, non-violent dispute resolution, mediation, large group facilitation, de-escalation, threat assessment, working with community organizations and restorative justice practices including community building, and problem solving, decision making, circle practices, and re-entry, repair and reconciliation practices. With coaching, educators and whole school district communities can learn to be anti-racist, non-violent, fair, equitable, inclusive and able to participate in and perpetuate a more just democracy.   

The certificate requires: 

  • Completion of a total of 27 continuing education units (CEUs) 

  • Courses completed in 11 months while teaching full-time

  • Three weeks of summer Intensive (day long) courses and a monthly executive evening and weekend schedule during the school year.

See details for the Inclusive Community Leadership (ICL) Certificate:

This certificate is taught in collaboration by instructors from The Evergreen State College, The Thurston County Dispute Resolution Center, and Capital Regional Educational School District 113. 

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