Academic Certificates

Academic Certificates are made up of courses and coordinated studies programs that are offered as part of the regular curriculum leading to an Undergraduate (UG) or Graduate (GR) degree.

2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Certificates

This year we are offering 3 academic certificates:

  • Transformative Leadership
  • Audio Fundamentals and Mixing Techniques
  • Anthrozoology

Certificate course requirements and details are noted below.


Transformative Leadership 

Transformative leaders support meaningful and positive change by working with others to identify and create change within an organization in a way that can increase group morale, lead to innovation, improve working relationships, and foster a sense of ownership within an organization or enterprise. Students who complete this certificate will be able to motivate, inspire, and lead themselves, teams, and organizations through complex and challenging circumstances.   

This 20-credit certificate requires the completion of three four-credit courses (12 credits in total) that focus on leading self, others, and organization. In addition, students will select eight credits in elective offerings that include organizational or coaching psychology, leadership and neuroscience, or principles of management.  

The purpose of this certificate is to help students develop skills that support entrepreneurship and leadership at all levels of organization. These skills include effective communication to inspire action, emotional and social intelligence, self-awareness, adaptability, and coaching, among others.   

The certificate requires completion of a total of 20 undergraduate credits. 

Core Courses 

Elective Courses (Choose two 4 credits or the 8 credit): 


Audio Fundamentals and Mixing Techniques 

This certificate guides the student through the fundamentals of sound and the art of listening that includes in-depth exploration into digital audio using Pro Tools to edit, process, and create multitrack compositions. This course is for anyone interested in music production, podcasting, engineering, audio journalism, and soundscape art. 

This certificate will supply the student with the knowledge and skills to use Pro Tools or similar digital audio workstations (DAWs) to produce various styles of audio production. Potential jobs in audio production include music, podcasting, audiobooks, radio, broadcast, elements of live sound, and sound design for video games and the moving image. 

The certificate requires completion of a total of 12 undergraduate credits. 

Core Courses 



This 24-credit certificate requires the completion of 16 credits in the fall quarter Anthrozoology program (incl. four-credit Animal Behavior and Cognition, four-credit Psychology of Human-Animal Interactions, four-credit Animal Welfare Science, four-credit Animal Ethics). Upon completion of the 16-credit lower division component of this program, students can enroll in the winter eight-credit upper-division Anthrozoology Capstone Project. 

The components of this certificate support learning for undergraduates, post-baccalaureate students, and professionals interested in a variety of disciplines associated with animals including: Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science, Animal Welfare, Animal Behavior, Wildlife Conservation, Zoo and Aquarium Science, Animal Training, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Animal Assisted Therapy, Animal Ethics and Pre-Law, Animal Protection and Policy, Animal Welfare Auditing. 

The certificate requires completion of a total of 24 undergraduate credits, of which eight must be upper division. 

Core Programs