Written in Stone: Art and Geology

Spring 2020
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 46
16 Credits per quarter
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Few things are as durable or as evocative a record of the sweep of time and the shape of human ideas as stone. Humans shape stone to give shelter, to express meaning, and to mark places and pasts.  They study rock and its shifting forms and formations to read the histories of landscapes written over millennia.  This program will give students the opportunity to study and learn a geologists’ basic ways of knowing rocks, landscapes, and the processes of geological shaping.  They will also explore ways to shape stone, metaphorically and literally, into expressive and functional forms – words, tools, and sculpture.  We will explore the fundamentals of both geology and art-making, and the processes and craft of each.

Our program work will center on workshops in drawing, sculpture and physical geology, with an eye toward how we locate ourselves in the natural landscape.  Readings, lectures, seminars, and writing assignments will give cultural and geological contexts to our efforts.  During program field trips, we will consider how landscapes and the materials they consist of evolve, develop and form, and how they serve as both material and inspiration for human expression. The program goals are for students to gain a basic understanding of physical geology, to advance their expressive skills with words and images, and to make and explore connections between rocks, landscapes, and human expression.

This is a 16 credit, full-time program, requiring a time commitment of at least 40 hours per week!  Credit may be awarded in sculpture and drawing, basic geology and critical dialogues on art and science.

NOTE: To successfully complete your required studio work, you should plan to attend at least one or several Open Studios per week..  Open studios are staff-supported 2-3 hour blocks, usually several afternoons and evenings, and Saturday afternoon, each week.  The schedule will be announced and posted at the beginning of the quarter.  Be sure to include this time when you’re planning your time commitments for your week!


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SEM 2 E1107 - Workshop


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2020-03-24 This programis now open to Junior and Senior level students
2020-03-03 Description updated to reflect the need to attend open studio time