Washington State Legislative Internships

Winter 2019
Spring 2019
Class Size: 14
Credits per quarter
Variable Credit Options Available

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systems theory (variety of disciplines)

Information on the Legislative Internships and the application process is available online (  www.leg.wa.gov/internships  ) and through Academic and Career Advising.  Applicants are interviewed in person and assessed through a writing exercise. Internships are awarded by the Capitol Senate and House of Representatives Education Program staff, and students informed of acceptance by late November each year.

Information sessions with past interns and staff are held on the Olympia and Tacoma campuses in May. Check for dates and locations  http://www.evergreen.edu/advising/advisingworkshops . Academic and Career Advising support Evergreen's applicants and offer small group mock interviews. We provide the interviews to all students (Olympia & Tacoma) who submit a completed application to the internship program. Contact Academic Advising for more information. The academic, career, and internship advisors all assist students (Olympia and Tacoma) with providing more information on the internship program.

Students accepted into the Legislative Internships register for academic credit for Winter or Winter and Spring Quarters. Though the internship demands 40 hours per week working in the office of a legislator as assigned, students may register for 16 credits or fewer each quarter of the legislative session. 

Taking advantage of Evergreen's proximity to the capital of Washington state, this internship presents the opportunity to observe firsthand the development of public policy in that arena. Drawing from the social sciences and systems and change theory, students explore the evolving systems of law, regulation, and governance. Students will learn about proposed legislation on a variety of contemporary policy issues. They will reflect on the dynamics of the legislative process as a means for making change.

Each student will work as an intern with a legislator and her or his staff for a regular 40-hour work week during the 2019 legislative session. Internships during the legislature's 105-day session are full-time but may be taken for either one academic quarter or two, winter or winter/spring. Juniors as well as seniors are encouraged to apply for the internship.

Intensive staff-apprenticeship activities include conducting legislative research, drafting policy and other documents, bill tracking, and constituent communications. Responsibilities also include attendance at guest presentations, seminars, workshops on budget, and media panels. Students accepted as legislative interns will develop an internship learning contract, profiling legislative responsibilities and linkages to their academic development.

Each intern will keep a weekly journal that is submitted to the faculty sponsor regularly and a portfolio of all materials related to legislative work submitted upon faculty request. During regular in-capitol seminars, Evergreen interns will confer with colleagues and the faculty sponsor to address challenges and reflect upon their experiences. Each intern will translate his or her activities in the internship into analytic and reflective writing about what they are learning and implications of the work by producing a minimum of three short essays per quarter. Students will also write a self-evaluation at the end of the quarter. At the conclusion of the legislative session, interns will produce a substantial integrative essay and meet with colleagues in person to review and reflect upon their legislative internship experience.

Student performance for the internship is evaluated by the faculty sponsor, field supervisors, and legislative office staff.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in:

community studies, government, law, political science, public interest advocacy, public policy and social issues.


Credits per quarter
Variable Credit Options Available

Variable Credit Options:

For spring quarter, students may continue full time until the legislative session ends which will be sooner than the end of spring academic quarter. Students can design a contract for that shorter period of time for a proportionate share of credits, or pursue an area of interest, ideally but not necessarily related to public policy making, for a number of credits between 8 and 16, pending faculty approval. 

Online learning:
  • Hybrid Online Learning - This offering delivers < 25% of its instruction online, rather than via face-to-face contact between you and your instructors.
Class Standing: Junior–Senior
Class Size: 14

Scheduled for: Day

Final schedule and room assignments:

Advertised schedule:

Interns meet with Evergreen faculty and internship peers on alternating weeks on the capitol campus. Time tbd.

Located in: Olympia

Off-campus location:

Students work on the state capitol campus in legislators' offices.

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