Understanding the Economic Crisis: Vanishing Jobs, Shrinking Middle Class

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Summer 2018 (First Session)
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political economy, foreign policy, philosophy

Everyone has witnessed the painful effects of the financial crisis and long recession. These are turning points in American society and world history. Two of the nation’s most prominent economists have warned that Americans must accommodate themselves to a permanent period of “secular stagnation.” By this they mean chronic slow growth, low wages, high unemployment, widening inequality, persistent economic insecurity and an ever-shrinking middle class. Are they right? A great deal hangs in the balance. 

Understanding the origins and future of the present crisis can help in making sense of the world and planning for the future. This class helps students understand where the crisis came from, why it has the features it has, and where it is likely to lead. Clear explanations will be offered for terms like financial bubble, securitization, derivatives and financial economy vs. real economy. Implications for income and job growth will also be studied. No prior background in economics is required. Required readings have been selected for clarity and accessibility.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: government, public administration, teaching, economic research and advising

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