Undergraduate Research in Scientific Inquiry with Yu

Winter 2019
Sophomore - Senior
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Rigorous quantitative and qualitative research is an important component of academic learning in scientific inquiry. Research opportunities allow science students to work on specific projects associated with faculty members’ expertise. Students typically begin by working in an apprenticeship model with faculty or laboratory staff and gradually take on more independent projects within the context of the specific research program as they gain experience. Students can develop vital skills in research design, data acquisition and interpretation, modeling and theoretical analysis, written and oral communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. These are valuable skills for students pursuing a graduate degree or entering the job market.

Pauline Yu (marine science) studies the developmental physiology and ecology of marine invertebrates. She is interested in the biochemistry of the seawater-organism interface, developmental nutritional biochemistry and metabolic depression, invasive species, carbonate chemistry (ocean acidification), and cultural relationships with foods from the sea. Students will have the opportunity to collaboratively develop lines of inquiry for lab and/or field studies in ecology, developmental biology, physiology, marine carbonate chemistry, and mariculture.


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Signature required. Students should contact the individual faculty member in their area of interest. New students accepted in winter and spring with signature.

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Signature Required

Students should contact the individual faculty member in their area of interest for details on obtaining a signature.

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Preparatory for studies and careers in

environmental studies,  marine science, and zoology.

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variable credit options available.

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