Undergraduate Research in Lichen and Bryophyte Ecology, Taxonomy and Ecophysiology

Summer 2019 Full Session
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 6
6 Credits per quarter
Variable credit options, see below
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This research opportunity for undergraduates will focus on lichen and bryophyte functional ecology, ecophysiology and taxonomy. Students with a strong foundation in botany, ecology, symbiosis and/or chemistry will gain experience working in the laboratory with plant and fungal samples. Students will mainly be engaging with ongoing research in Dr. Calabria' lab and may have opportunities to develop their own research projects. Projects may include methods for measuring moss and lichen functional and physiological traits, florisitic-based lichen research and ecophysiological experiments studying bryophyte-cyanobacteria symbiosis. 


Summer 2019 Registration

Course Reference Numbers

So - Sr Full Session (1 - 16): 40149

Academic details

Variable Credit Options

Students may register from anywhere between 4-16 credits after discussion with faculty. 

Maximum Enrollment
Class Standing
Upper Division Science Credit

Students may be awarded upper division credit if: 1) they have the prerequisite coursework including 8 credits of general biology, 8 credits of general chemistry, and prior coursework in botany, ecology and/or mycology and 2) they demonstrate sufficient depth and focus with regards to their research project as evaluated through their application of prior coursework to laboratory and field experiments, as well as, the quality and completeness of written work. 


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