Tribal Policy

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Winter 2018 quarter

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natural resource policy, public administration
public administration

This course explores tribal regulatory functions and policy-making from internal and external tribal perspectives. The course will focus on various models for understanding policy and policy processes. Decision-making, processes will be examined from the perspective of building political capacity into tribal institutions. The course is designed to confront complex and changing alternatives by expanding policy analysis skills that build political capacity and contribute to the development of equitable and economically feasible policy alternatives. This work leads to the development of a research proposal that serves as the foundation for the capstone research requirement in Spring.
The focus on processes and choice among alternatives explores how to determine regulatory apparatus is needed to achieve objectives and what administrative structures that are crucial for providing services and achieving policy goals. The course is designed to develop skills and abilities that support these goals, including conflict resolution, negotiation, policy design, and the analysis of alternatives and learning system strategies. Some models are drawn from the areas of innovative tribal environmental policy, and tribal health policy: but additional examples may be drawn from critical and current tribal issues.

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