Team Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Innovation – MTA Evergreen LEINN Change Maker Lab (Summer)

Summer 2019 Full Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
16 Credits per quarter
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*This program offers advanced study for students continuing from spring quarter, but is also open to new students who meet the prerequisites*

“The world has not been given to us to contemplate but to transform and we do it as team-entrepreneurs learning by creating in teams”

Now you have the opportunity to become a team-entrepreneur and experiment the magic of LEINN and Mondragon Team Academy’s (MTA World) “ team learning by creating ”.

This program is designed around a set of unique ingredients that seek to promote and empower the entrepreneurial spirit of its participants. It offers a time and space for people from all around the world to work on real projects together thanks to the presence of exchange team-entrepreneurs from MTA’s LEINN International, features a faculty team that combines Evergreen’s knowledge and understanding of local realities with Mondragon’s experience, and introduces tools and resources to support the development of entrepreneurial foundations.

Team-entrepreneurs will attend seminars, learning modules, lunchtime speaking events, field trips, guest lectures and team activities. As a participant, one may supplement knowledge by attending certain supplemental workshops and lectures. There will also be some opportunities for optional international and local travel.

Topics covered in learning modules will include for example: Accounting Record Keeping; Internet Marketing, Cloud Computing and Search Engine Optimization; Business and Corporate Law; Income Tax, Retirement and Fringe Benefit Planning; Graphic Design and Branding.

The program has been designed by a shared team of faculty members from MTA Travelling University & The Evergreen State College. Thanks to this strategic collaboration, it is the first time that students from the United States will experiment Mondragon Team Academy’s methods.

Mondragon Team Academy (MTA World) is a global community of social innovation ecosystem labs using the Mondragon’s Worker Cooperative Experience roots & TiimiAkatemia’s Finnish Educational methods.

MTA was created in 2008 to rebirth and transfer the team-entrepreneurial spirit and creating capacity of Mondragon by developing an open and international community of team-entrepreneurs co-operating on a multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary level worldwide.

As of January 2019, MTA is an international community of 1,547 team-entrepreneurs " team learning by creating " in 11 MTA Labs where MTA programs run: Irun-San Sebastian, Onati (Mondragon Valley), Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia, Maastrich (Netherlands), Shanghai (China), Pune (India), Queretaro & Puebla (Mexico), Seoul (South Korea).

Faculty Members and Roles: 

  • Dion Gouws, Evergreen Faculty, MTA Evergreen Team Coach    
  • Yujiao Xia, MTA China, Visiting Faculty, LEINN International Team Coach
  • Jose Maria Luzarraga, MTA World, Visiting Faculty, Program Coordinator
  • Ane Beitia Salaberria, LEINN International, MTA Assistant Team Coach
  • Martin Fe de Labastida, LEINN International, MTA Assistant Team Coach
  • Nataly Salguero, Evergreen Staff, ETA Evergreen Assistant Team
  • Rhian Peterman, Evergreen Staff,  ETA Evergreen Assistant Team Coach

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Full Session (16): 40136
Fr - Sr Full Session (1 - 16): 40257

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Entrepreneurship and Management, Management Consulting, Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Human Resource Management, Team Leadership and Change Management.

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SEM 2 C4107 - Workshop
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