Student-Originated Studies: Literature, Philosophy, Myth/Religion and Writing

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Spring 2019
Credits per quarter
Variable Credit Options Available

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literature, philosophy, and languages

This program supports students who are prepared to do advanced creative and research projects in the humanities. In the first week of the program, each student will prepare a project proposal and reading list. Students will then complete that project over the course of the quarter. The program will have weekly class sessions to discuss progress, share work-in-progress, conduct peer reviews, and get advice and guidance. Students must attend and participate in these sessions. Each student must meet individually with Dr. Bailey weekly. Students will maintain and submit regularly a process portfolio and reading journal. We will have in-class student readings/presentations of work at the end of the quarter. All other project obligations will be worked out individually with the faculty member.

faculty member Bailey has particular expertise in the following topics: philosophy and literature, and studies in symbology, ritual, mythology and comparative religions, particularly of French and francophone and Germanic traditions, as well as classical studies. This is an excellent opportunity for senior thesis work, capstone, or any student’s ambitious project in myth, literature, philosophy and writing, whether creative or analytic.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: writing, languages, literature, philosophy, and teaching.

Online learning:
  • No Required Online Learning - No access to web tools required. Any web tools provided are optional.

Students need not have extensive experience in a chosen field of work, but they must have sound writing skills and the willingness to accept and apply critiques of their process and work.

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Located in: Olympia