Student Originated Studies: Linguistics and Native American/Indigenous Studies

Spring 2019
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 15
16 Credits per quarter
Variable credit options, see below
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In this student-originated studies program, students will pursue independent research projects in Linguistics and Native American/Indigenous Studies with the support of faculty and a learning community of students working in these areas. 

The cohort will meet once weekly on Wednesdays, partly in conjunction with the program  Language, Power, Story. These sessions will offer discussion, some shared readings, and collaborative work on stages of the research process including identifying sources, refining the topic and thesis, peer-review of drafts, and presentations of findings. 

Students should enter the program with a research topic and/or research questions in mind, and they will work with faculty and peers to produce a substantial research paper by the end of the quarter.  The scope of the final project will be tailored to reflect the topic, the student's experience level and goals, and whether the student has registered for 8, 12, or 16 credits.



One quarter of Linguistics and one quarter of Native American and Indigenous Studies

Spring 2019 Registration

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This SOS is designed for students with background in Native American/Indigenous Studies and Linguistics, who have a research project in mind that they'd like to pursue in order to build on that background.  Interested students should email both faculty ( and with a description of their research topic and academic background. Faculty will be at the Academic Fair to answer any questions.

Course Reference Numbers

So - Sr (8): 30421
So - Sr (12): 30422
So - Sr (16): 30423

Academic details

Fields of Study
Preparatory for studies and careers in

Linguistics, Native American Studies, History, Education, and related fields.

Variable Credit Options

15 seats total at 8, 12, 16 credits.

Maximum Enrollment
Class Standing
Research Opportunities

This SOS will involve a significant research project designed and carried out by each student.


Time Offered
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First Meeting

LONGHOUSE 1002 - Cedar Room