Student-Originated Studies: Community-Based Learning and Action (CCBLA)

Spring 2021
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 15
4 8 Credits per quarter
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This Student-Originated Studies course is intended for students with a general foundation and interest in social science, community life, public policy, social movements, and social justice. It is offered for students who have made solid arrangements with community-based organizations or agencies to shape an internship or students who have developed a plan for an independent study that involves community-based learning, organizing, research, and participation. The Center for Community Based Learning and Action offers students support to plan spring internships and community projects. Contact Ellen Shortt Sanchez ( ) to explore community opportunities or go to . Community work should be remote; students may also apply to work in a hybrid mode with COVID safety plans. In program internship contracts for hybrid activities now include COVID waivers to be signed by field supervisor and student. Students will develop strong links to organizations, regional social movements, and community mentors and partners who will be the students guides and hosts in their work.

This program will be taught remotely, with students meeting synchronously every other Thursday afternoon. Students will also be expected to complete weekly asynchronous work on Canvas. In our studies, we will emphasize modes of identifying and valuing community knowledge—knowledge that supports activism and advocacy. We’ll address the practical and theoretical issues of community work: How do we value our own distinctive identities while respecting differences we encounter? What skills do communities find useful? How does collaboration differ from helping?

To successfully participate in this program, students will need a computer/mobile device with internet and online/installed software capability to do word processing. Students can expect our remote teaching to be around 2 hours of synchronous (scheduled) coursework every other week, using Canvas.


Spring 2021 Registration

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Students must complete an internship or project proposal and submit it to Kristina Ackley ( This proposal will be finalized during week one of spring quarter. Program Internship contracts will be developed through ‘My Evergreen’ and students will select “I am or will be registered in an academic program.”

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Fr - Sr (1 - 16): 30298

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community development, education, government, non-profit organizations, and public history. 

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This program meets every other week, starting week 1. We will meet on Thursdays from 3pm-5pm. 

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