Student-Originated Studies: Advanced Media Projects

Fall 2021
Winter 2022
Spring 2022
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 16
12 Credits per quarter
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A Student-Originated Studies program (SOS) at Evergreen offers an opportunity for self-directed work in dialogue with a cohort of other students.

In Advanced Media Projects, students prepared for intensive study of the theory and practice of media will pursue capstone projects in film, video, animation, installation, and other audiovisual modes in a directed and supportive learning community.

Students in this SOS will develop media projects with input and support from the faculty member and peers, and participate in collaborative class sessions. You do not need to have a project idea ready before you enter the program; in fact, you'll be asked to think broadly about your work and to research and explore several ideas before settling on your final plan. A wide range of projects and genres is possible, as long as you demonstrate a strong foundation for potential success in that genre. Past advanced students have created capstone work in traditional interview-based documentary, participatory/community documentary, experimental film/video, experimental narrative, essayistic video, audio projects, animation, political remix video, online series, and interactive new media.

Students are expected to gain advanced production or technical skills by building on existing skills; undertaking wholly new areas of media practice is not recommended, and would require you to organize resources for independent study. If you are wondering whether your creative interests are a good fit with this program or whether you have fulfilled the prerequisites, you're warmly invited to contact the faculty.

Participants work closely with faculty and each other throughout the year as co-learners and collaborators. Together, students will share skills and provide technical support on peers' projects. Throughout the year, students will present their work-in-progress at critiques and engage in extensive review and feedback at each stage of production. Students should expect to engage in the following learning activities in addition to this hands-on, iterative, and reflective creative process:

  • writing related to artistic practice, which might include: critical responses, research and bibliographies, proposals, treatments, scripts, director/artist statements and bios, and overall documentation of and reflection on their work
  • facilitating seminar discussions of screenings and readings selected by members of the group, through corresponding research
  • accessing technical training and support outside of scheduled class time
  • attending public lectures and events, like the Evergreen Art Lecture Series
  • developing a career-oriented portfolio, reel, and/or website with the support of professionalization workshops (a particular focus in spring quarter)

Fall and winter quarters, students will focus on building creative, technical, critique, writing/research, leadership, and collaboration skills and complete individual and group projects appropriate to this learning. No new students are admitted in winter since this is a two-quarter unit. Spring quarter new students may be accepted by application if they are ready with a well-prepared idea for a major/capstone project or internship.  

During fall and winter, students should expect to meet in-person on campus at least once a week while observing COVID safety protocols. Access to specialized Evergreen facilities (media labs and studios) is likely but will depend on the status of college operations. Evergreen media equipment will be available for students to check out and use in accordance with Media Loan policies and capacity. Spring will be mostly remote, depending on evolving conditions.

A media-focused 4-credit course would complement your learning in the SOS, depending on credit load and you can visit the Media Arts and Studies Path page for a list that includes these options. You can search the catalog to find a wider range of courses. 



This program is for students with a substantive background in media arts, broadly conceived (film, video, audio, animation, interactive games, etc.). As demonstrated in an application, students must have 1) a broad liberal arts foundation in areas outside of media, indicated by at least 32 credits in an Evergreen interdisciplinary program or comparable study; 2) intermediate college-level reading, writing, and critical thinking skills gained in these broad-based studies; 3) at least 32 credits of Mediaworks or comparable in-depth study of the history, theory, and practice of media arts. Students who have not successfully completed a substantial self-directed individual or collaborative project will not be well-prepared for this program.

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filmmaking, digital video, media production and post-production, audio production, media education, communication

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$50 fee fall quarter for required media fee

$100 fee winter quarter for required media fee

$50 fee spring quarter for required media fee


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Date Revision
2022-02-10 Spring quarter faculty is now Laurie Meeker and the program will be held remotely
2021-12-07 Winter required media fee increased to $100.