Story Development and Writing for Film/Videos: Intensive

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Summer 2018 quarter (First Session)

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documentary film

Do you have an interest in telling a story on film/video? Would you like to learn how to incorporate video into your field of study? This introductory course in idea development and writing for video/media projects is a hands-on approach for students interested in learning the terminology, language and skills needed to develop a short moving image project. Students will work on developing and writing their own short proposal for a video project (non-fiction, fiction, experimental), while viewing a variety of film clips and genre. The course is mid-summer and a perfect opportunity for Evergreen students and community members to develop new skills in support of continuing their video project, to use in future courses, a parallel ILC, or other work. It can be taken as an 8-credit option with Video Production Field Skills Intensive.

Specific skills students will learn include: idea development, ethical considerations in film making, how to pitch an idea, proposal writing and fundraising strategies. The faculty has vast experience working with grassroots, indigenous, youth and non-profit communities in a variety of disciplines and fields. 

No knowledge of film/video is required, but those with prior film making experience, or who already have ideas they would like to develop, are encouraged to take the course which can be scaled to their skill level.

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communication media arts moving image


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Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 9am-5pm (July 16, 17, 18 and July 23, 24 only) 

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$30 for course reading provided by faculty