Statistics I

Fall 2021
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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Ever feel the urge to question the reams of data that swirl around us every day? Want to develop tools that make you a more powerful presenter? Statistics is what you need! This course is an introduction to statistics for students with limited if any formal exposure to data and data analysis, and no experience with statistics. This class will introduce the student to the statistical process, including data collection, ways of organizing data, an introduction to data analysis, and an opportunity to learn how practitioners present their findings. We will examine several case studies, explore how data is used in explaining unusual events, and develop a more critical understanding about how statistics allows us to understand the world around us.

The curriculum for this class will be delivered on line through the college's on-line system, Canvas. All students registered to the class will have access to Canvas. Assignments, extra readings, etc. will be available through this system in Modules or Assignments. Students will need to acquaint themselves with Canvas functions during the quarter.

The class will include both synchronous instruction (using Zoom) as well as off line assigned work. (Note: Please bring a calculator.)
If students find they have access problems due to poor internet connections we can discuss this on a case by case basis.

The class will include several computer labs. The labs are written for Excel, and students who use an alternative application (Numbers, Google docs) will be required to make the translations as they need. The College has made Excel available through the College web resources.

All students should have the ability to use Microsoft Office programs such as Excel as they are all in the Office365 environment. Earlier this academic year student emails were migrated into Exchange Online which gave them the ability to use Office 365 products. If students log into and sign in with their Full Evergreen student email and password they should be presented with the ability to use office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all in a web browser. They should also have the ability to download and install Office 365 products onto their personal computer/laptop. There will be a button on the right hand side titled Install Office once they log into


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Environmental Policy and Science, Public Administration, Education, Scientific Research

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2021-08-04 Faculty Change: Dylan Fischer is now teaching this course (was Al Josephy)