Statistics I

Summer 2020 Second Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 30
4 Credits per quarter
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This class is intended as an introduction to the concepts of Statistics. We will accomplish this by developing an understanding of Descriptive Statistics and then use those tools to introduce the concepts of Inferential Statistics. The class assumes that the student has no prior background in the study of Statistics. With that in mind, the class will present the basic ideas of what Statistics is, how the practice of Statistics relates to the real world, and why an understanding of Statistics is critical in practically any area of work or study.

The goals of the class will be to 1) introduce the student to the language and concepts of Statistics, 2) help the student to become comfortable with the idea of presenting data in charts, graphs and tables, 3) demonstrate the importance of sampling and surveys and in understanding the data generated by these surveys and 4) involve the student in understanding how Statistics is used to understand natural phenomena, formulate and promote public policy, and tell us things about the world that we cannot know without the use of Statistics.

We will achieve these class goals through an interactive program that will require extensive participation by the students. Besides our regular work with the textbook, the course will extend the discipline by integrating more subjective material on the subject from other sources.

The class will include three Excel labs, (The labs are indicated on the syllabus in weeks 3, 5, and 7). Completing these labs will require access to a computer running Excel or similar application. The labs are written for Excel, and students who use an alternative application (Numbers, Google docs) will be required to make the translations as they need.

The entire curriculum for this class is planned to be delivered on line through the College's on-line system, Canvas. All students registered to the class should have access to Canvas. Assignments, extra readings, etc. will be available through this system in Modules or Assignments. Students will need to acquaint themselves with its functions during the quarter.


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