Spanish - First Year III

Spring 2020
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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This year-long sequence of courses covers the first year of Spanish. 

Have you wanted to learn Spanish so you can communicate face-to-face when you take that long-dreamed of trip to Mexico, Central or South America whether to visit cultural sites, take a much-needed vacation or possibly reconnect with family?   Have you noticed that you hear more Spanish being spoken in the various community locations you frequent such as grocery, hardware and department stores?   Are you curious about the culture of the people that now constitute the largest ethnic minority in the United States?  Have you come to the conclusion that being able to communicate in Spanish would greatly increase your professional or academic flexibility and value?  Has it been a while since you studied Spanish, or have you always wanted to study the language but not had the opportunity?  Maybe you have had the opportunity of informal exposure to the language but lack any formal instruction. Perhaps you had the opportunity to study Spanish during a previous educational experience but have forgotten some of what you learned, and want to recover and build on that previously-acquired knowledge. Any of these situations make Spanish - First Year the perfect place for you to begin or continue your journey.

If you have recent and extended or intense study of the language, whether through real world or academic experience, you may be ready to tackle the more advanced grammatical concepts presented in First Year Spanish III.  By registering in Beginning Spanish III, you will experience a faster pace of instruction and more advanced production of language in all areas.  You also may expect the opportunity to greatly increase your ability to communicate more expressively and accurately by appropriate use of preterit and imperfect tense, reflexive verbs, commands and the subjunctive.  If you have any questions about whether this class is the best one for you, one of the Spanish language faculty can assist you in finding the right class for your needs.  

Classes are highly interactive, safe environments to practice your new skills.   A wide range of learning activities is provided so that students learn to read, write, speak and understand the language.   Students use a written text and workbook for self-study.   An online learning vehicle is also used so that students are immersed in the various components of the language.   Students have access to a language lab that incorporates Rosetta Stone for additional practice.   Cultural activities are integrated into the classes so that students learn not only the language but also the major cultural values and traditions of countries where Spanish is spoken.   A culminating language fair is held during spring quarter in conjunction with other language classes and provides language students with opportunities to display their own learning as well as learn about the other cultures represented by those languages.   Come join us and begin expanding your world – present and future!

The following is a short description of the material covered in each of the First Year Spanish classes:

First Year Spanish I: First Year Spanish I students acquire the skills to understand written and oral language and to express themselves in written and oral language about the following: greetings, introductions, expressions of courtesy, academic life, days of the week, schedules, family, identifying and describing people, professions and occupations, leisure activities, sports, asking for and giving directions within a city or campus, travel and vacation arrangements and activities, months and seasons of the year and weather.    Students acquire the following grammatical structures: use of the verbs hay and gustar , conjugation of verbs in the present tense including stem-changing verbs, ser and estar , noun/adjective agreement, subject/verb agreement, and various idiomatic expressions related to the topics studied.

First Year Spanish II: First Year Spanish II students acquire the skills to understand written and oral language and to express themselves in written and oral language about the following: vacations and other free time activities, months of the year, seasons and weather, clothing and shopping, negotiating a price and buying, colors, daily routines and time expressions, food and meals.   Students acquire the following grammatical structures: use of the reflexive mood and preterit tense, including verbs ser and ir in the preterit, demonstrative pronouns, direct and indirect object pronouns, and various idiomatic expressions related to the topics studied.

First Year Spanish III: First Year Spanish III students continue to build their knowledge base of the foundational communicative structures, including: use of reflexive verbs, indefinite and negative words, preterite of irregular and stem-changing verbs, double object pronouns, the imperfect tense, contrasting uses and meanings of preterite and imperfect tenses, familiar and formal commands, and the present subjunctive.   These structures are acquired while communicating about the following: describing one’s daily personal hygiene and life routines, shopping for and describing food and preparing meals, parties and celebrations, family relationships and stages of life, identifying parts of the body and symptoms and medical conditions to obtain medical assistance and daily domestic chores and routines.



Completion of First Year Spanish II or equivalent required. 

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