In Sickness and In Health

Fall 2018
Freshman - Sophomore
Class Size: 46
16 Credits per quarter
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In this introductory program, students will explore cultural, social, and psychological approaches to the body and health and will build capacities for subsequent undergraduate studies. Using the lens of medical anthropology, we will consider diverse practices around sickness and healing and develop an understanding of Western biomedicine as a complex cultural system. Toward this aim, students will learn qualitative ethnographic techniques for documenting and analyzing cultural and social contexts. We will also consider how people generate stories about their experiences with illness and persistence; as part of this work, students will create interview-based audio podcasts.

An integrated social science exploration of health and well-being will lead us to readings and experiential exercises in areas such as positive psychology, sociology, neuroscience, somatic studies, and contemplative practices. We will participate in text-based seminar discussions and in workshops that aim to integrate mind, body, and spirit. Our intention will be to learn how to build the positive qualities that social scientists have determined are associated with strong and happy individuals, relationships, and communities. Students will cultivate foundational skills that are relevant across all careers and fields of study—observation, notetaking, analysis, researching, speaking, and writing—but that may be particularly helpful in social and human services, health care, and education.

Students who successfully complete the fall quarter program will be eligible to enroll in the second quarter of the expanded version of this program, Culture, Self, and Healing in spring 2019.


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social and human services, health care, and education.

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SEM 2 E1105 - Lecture
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