Psychology: Professional Conference

Spring 2019
Class Size: 100
Credits per quarter

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cognitive psychology

This course involves travel to the annual convention of the Western Psychological Association (WPA). The convention attracts 3000+ students and professionals of psychology. It showcases the range of activities and topics that psychology offers, and highlights cutting edge research in all areas of psychology. Many events are specifically geared towards helping students network, and to learn what is needed to succeed in a career in psychology. The convention features invited lectures by notable psychologists, poster sessions of current research by students and professionals in broadly based disciplines within psychology, and psychology-related films in the Film Festival held during the Convention.

Requirements for the course are attending a planning meeting prior to travel, attending a minimum of 20 hours of presentations during the four days of the convention, and writing a short paper about your convention activities upon your return from the convention.

This year’s convention will be held in Pasadena, California from April 25-28, 2019, at the Pasadena Convention Center. Convention activities start at 8 am on Thursday April 25 and end at 12:30 pm on Sunday, April 28. To take advantage of all the special events, students need to arrive in Pasadena on Wednesday April 24   (anytime) and stay until Sunday afternoon (your flight home should be 4 pm or later). You can decide to stay over Sunday night for travel home on Monday if the additional cost of an extra night in the hotel is offset by the often-cheaper Monday flights.

Students who are taking So You Want to be a Psychologist or Research Capstone in Psychology should not register for this course.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in:

psychology, education, and social work


Credits per quarter

Fields of study: 
Online learning:
  • No Required Online Learning - No access to web tools required. Any web tools provided are optional.

Approximately $329-$535  [these costs are estimated at this time] for travel to attend the WPA annual convention (exact amount depends on the type of accommodations students require). This includes WPA membership/registration fees and four nights hotel at the convention site. Transportation and food are additional and at student's own expense. (An extra night at the hotel is possible for an additional amount.)

Class Standing: Freshman–Senior
Class Size: 100

Scheduled for: Day

Final schedule and room assignments:

First meeting:

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 1:00 pm
Purce Hall 4 - Lecture

Advertised schedule:

Convention activities start at 8 am on Thursday April 25 and end at 12:30 pm on Sunday April 28.  Please plan to arrive in Pasadena on Wednesday, April 24 and to leave anytime after 4 pm on Sunday, April 28.

Located in: Olympia

May be offered again in:

Spring 2020 (the convention location will be in San Francisco, California then)