Psychology Capstone: Clinical/Counseling


Fall 2021
Winter 2022
Spring 2022
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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If it is possible to genuinely meet and discover each other as persons—actually to empathize with and understand both the cultural beliefs and political views of each other—then I think the obscured future may be penetrated with some clear rays of light that we may realistically hope for a better world.   — Carl Rogers (1902-1987)

This program will engage in the study of counseling skills from theory to practice and application. The practice of counseling, applied cultural competency skills, and evolving one's skills as a counselor will be developed throughout the yearlong program. Learning goals include acquiring a theoretical and applied understanding of psychological theory and practice from emotional, biological, cultural, and social contextual perspectives. We will incorporate diverse pedagogical strategies including lectures, discussions, dialogues, seminars, films, counseling labs, and expressive-arts therapy laboratories.

During fall quarter, students will study personality theory and explore the relationship between personality theory and applied counseling skills. In winter, students will study ethics in the helping professions. Spring quarter will focus on social science writing to integrate theory and practice.

This is an intellectually and emotionally challenging program that best serves students willing to make a nine-month-long commitment that will require 20 hours per week of class time, homework, and an internship experience during winter and spring quarters. In both winter and spring quarters, students will be required to complete 6-credit internships in local or national with faculty approval, providing opportunities to integrate theory and practice. The program work will help to prepare students for this internship with mental health community partners. This program provides an excellent opportunity to prepare students for human service careers in psychology and social work.

The program will meet for 6.5 hours synchronously in the fall with 13.5 hours a week of asynchronous work through readings, case studies, lab observations and online curriculum. Students will have options to be in either a remote or in-person internship placement during winter -spring quarters.

To successfully participate in this program students need access to internet capability to access Zoom with webcam and audio, Canvas and online case studies that are video based. Students need to be comfortable having their webcam on for counseling laboratories and synchronous class meetings. Students will need to have access to the Counseling Skills textbook with online learning platform access code. The Winter and Spring Quarters will 15 hours a week in internship sites, 2.5 hours a week of synchronous program meetings, and 2.5 hours a week of asynchronous program work.


Fall 2021 Registration

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Interested students will submit and complete an online application to Dr. Mukti Khanna demonstrating prior background in psychology and ability to commit to a 3-quarter program, including a 2-quarter mental health internship. Completed applications received by the spring academic fair will receive priority.  Applications will be accepted until the program fills. The application can be found here:

Winter 2022 Registration
Spring 2022 Registration

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psychology, social work, allied health sciences

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$75 in fall and $40 in winter and spring to cover materials for expressive art therapy.


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DateRevision 2021-09-10 This program has been combined with Psychology of Mind Body Medicine. Please see the catalog listing for that program for registration information or contact the faculty with questions.