Psychology and Art: Digital Photography

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Spring 2018 quarter

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3D studio art
square windisch
positive psychology, counseling, education

This is a strand within the Psychology and Art: Digital Photography and Printmaking program.

What is the relationship between psychology and art? How can people find healing through the process of art making? This is an introductory program in which students will build critical analytical skills through rigorous reading and writing, applying the materials to their own growth, as well as develop the foundations of studio art practice in the relief printmaking process or digital photography and lightroom.  Students will register to work in EITHER photography or printmaking for their studio practice.

Students that chose to work in digital photography will improve their "photographic eye" in finding and sharing beauty, and increase their photographic composition skills. They will use courses to improve their skills,  and they will complete photographic assignments locally. They will develop intermediate to advanced level skills in Lightroom. End products will be either prints and/or a photobook/portfolio.

We will take a 2-4 day field trip to Portland, Oregon to attend the Western Psychological Association Conference between April 26-27 (students may stay on till the end of the WPA conference on the 29th).  Our program will be one of several psychology programs that will be attending the WPA conference spring quarter. Also one of the days students will visit the Portland Art Museum. 

Students will be expected to integrate extensive readings, lecture notes, studio experiences, films, interviews and other sources in writing and oral presentation assignments. In Northwest Native Design and art practice, we will read texts such as Brotherton’s “S'abadeb the Gifts: Pacific Coast Salish Art and Artists” , and Bayles & Orland’s “Art & Fear”.  Our psychology and art therapy readings will likely include “ Art Therapy Sourcebook” by Malchiodi¨“ Windows to Our Children” by Oaklander, and “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

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cultural studies education health psychology visual arts

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studio arts, counseling, psychology, and education.


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Special Expenses

Students can expect to pay up to $100 for printmaking materials or photography: printing paper, and personal supplies.  Costs may vary depending on student's individual scale of their projects.


$125 for a 2-day field trip to Portland for Western Psychological Association Conference and a Museum visit. $75 for WPA 4 day registration and membership.