Protest in Sports and Media

Spring 2019
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 40
16 Credits per quarter
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In this program students will explore protest in sports and media, including the political and economic forces that have shaped and influenced the proliferation of corporate sports in contemporary culture. Students will examine the rich history of sporting events as sites of political protest, including by participating athletes themselves, in association with the rich history of media as a tool for protest and social change.

Through a close examination of scholarly texts and media, including television, film, and various social media, the program will explore the following questions:

  • How are power relations both reproduced and resisted in and through sports and media?
  • Whose voices are and are not represented in the narratives and images portrayed through sports and mainstream media?
  • How do sports and mainstream media reproduce and reinforce issues surrounding sexual orientation, race, class, and gender identities?
  • How has sport spectatorship and sports “fandom” contributed to particular social and cultural values?

In order to develop credible responses to these questions, students will engage in close reading of texts and a variety of academic writing activities, including seminar preparation papers, current sports news summaries and reporting, and a synthesis paper drawing on program materials related to program themes. Students will make an oral presentation of their synthesis paper. In addition, students will learn basic media production skills (audio and video) to make a sports podcast and short documentary on local sports themes and issues. On designated Thursday afternoons, class members will play selected sports together in an “intramural” low-key competitive environment in order to develop and enhance the learning community.

Students can expect to leave this program having developed the skills in academic writing and analytical reading, basic media production, and oral presentation to participate in current political and economic debates about sports and media culture. 


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