Prior Learning from Experience Document Writing

Spring 2022
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 26
4 6 8 Credits per quarter
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This online course is part of Evergreen's Prior Learning from Experience program to help students reflect on the knowledge and learning they bring with them and help the college award the corresponding college credits.  This course is for students who have successfully completed its prerequisite, "Writing from Life," and it guides and supports students through the process of documenting their prior experience. That process involves creating a portfolio of essays, research and supporting materials that showcase the prior learning they have done before arriving at Evergreen and demonstrating that it meets expectations for college level equivalents.  Students may take this course multiple times depending on the amount of prior learning they hope to transfer in as college credit.  The written work created in PLE Document Writing goes on to be evaluated by faculty in relevant fields.  

This course will be taught online, using Zoom and Canvas.  Even as we work remotely, we will form a very engaged learning community. In my long and broad experience at Evergreen, Prior Learning students form the strongest learning communities I have been a part of.  We will work to maintain that tradition together. Students will have the opportunity to meet in small online groups outside of class, frequent access to one-on-one meetings with the faculty in Zoom, and, if national and state guidance changes to allow it, voluntary opportunities to meet in small groups.   

A note to those interested in the program and looking to sign up for the prerequisite "Writing from Life": you will want to enroll in that offering (no approval needed). If you missed the Academic Fair and haven't talked to the instructor yet, please email Nancy Parkes at We can set up a virtual meeting or phone call to talk about the Prior Learning from Experience (PLE) program here at Evergreen. Many of our students arrive at Evergreen with substantial college-level learning from their past work and community experience, even if they don't always recognize it themselves.

To successfully participate in this program, students will need internet access. Students can expect our remote teaching to be around 4 hours of synchronous (scheduled) coursework per week, using Canvas and Zoom. Students will have access to alternatives to synchronous participation if conditions require. 


Successful completion of Writing from Life course and application to the PLE program
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