Printmaking: Surface Manipulation of the Matrix

Winter 2020
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 20
4 Credits per quarter
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In this introductory art course, students will gain an understanding of the design process and production of relief, mono-print, and collagraph printmaking. Students will gain hands-on experience with a variety of ways to manipulate the surface of the print matrix and operate the printing press. Each process will provide a comprehensive understanding of printmaking conventions with an emphasis on experimental exploration. In addition to weekly research assignments, students will build essential writing skills to express their voice in an artist statement that explains the subject and approach to their work. In this community-based studio environment, students will collaborate through their practice and learn to further build their presentation skills with an understanding of social responsibility as an image-maker. At the end of the quarter, students will present and participate in a group critique to expand their critical observational skills and visual literacy.



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So - Sr (4): 20121

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Fine Art, Illustration

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Students are expected to purchase materials such as a sketchbook for lab notes and fine art printmaking paper. Depending on the individual scale and scope of each assignment, students should expect to spend between $50.00-$80.00. These items are available in the Greener Bookstore and the Printmaking Supply Store located in the classroom.


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LAB 2 2225 - Intaglio