Principles of Financial and Managerial Accounting

Summer 2020 Full Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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Learning how to keep track of financial records is essential for any business or not for profit organization. Individuals also should know how to keep track of their personal finances. This program assumes no prior knowledge of accounting and prepares students to to keep accounting records and how to use this information to make managerial decisions.

The Financial Accounting component of the program provides an introduction to the basic principles of financial accounting, the accounting cycle and record keeping, the study of fundamental accounting concepts, and impact of the accounting treatment of business transactions on the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows and focuses on how to record and report on financial transactions. Students also gain exposure to calculating payroll for a business.

Managerial Accounting focuses on information from the entity's accounting system relevant to decisions made by internal managers, as distinguished from information relevant to users who are external to the company. The emphasis is on the identification and assignment of product costs, budgeting and planning and management decision making. Topics include product costing methodologies, cost behavior, capital budgeting and performance evaluation.

This program is ideal for those wishing to begin preparation for finance and accounting careers and for business owners wanting to understand the accounting reporting and interpreting function of their organization and investors wishing to gain a better understanding of financial reports.

The class work will be done 100% online, using Canvas, Zoom and MyAccountinglab. We will have one optional synchronous tutoring or discussion session each week on a Tuesday. During this session we will discuss practical applications to the topics being learned. If a student is prevented from accessing any of these meetings for any reason, including technology issues, they should contact the faculty, and alternative arrangements will be made.


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DateRevision 2020-06-01 This program is now the full 10-week summer session (was previously listed as first session)