Principles of Developmental Biology

Summer 2021 First Session
Junior - Graduate
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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The life history pattern of growth and differentiation takes the diversity of all multicellular organisms from single-celled beginnings to the complexity of visible organisms on the planet, and follows the stunning variety of body form observed in nature. This program will cover the diversity of differentiation and growth strategies observed in biology, and will include the principles of molecular biological and genetic determinants of developmental pathways, comparative embryology, comparative life histories, "evo-devo" (developmental evolution) and reproductive biology. There will be a primary emphasis on development in animals, but developmental pathways in plants will also be covered.

This is an upper-division level biological sciences offering that fulfills standard developmental biology curricula; 2 quarters of general biology is a prerequisite. We will be using the textbook Developmental Biology (Barresi and Gilbert) and will also learn together through journal-club style seminar.

This 4-credit course will be offered exclusively through online instruction. There will be pre-recorded lectures, synchronous discussion and seminar activities and assigned readings from the textbook. Assessments will be based on quizzes and participation in seminar. Students are expected to have computer and internet access in order to utilize the multiple modes of online learning (Zoom, Canvas, and the online videos offered by the textbook publisher).



2 quarters of college-level General Biology (INS or college transfer equivalent)

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General Biology prerequisite

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Jr - Sr First Session (4): 40010
GR First Session (4): 40011

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biology, health-related fields

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Upper Division Science Credit

Students earning full credit in this program will earn 4 upper division science credits.


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