Precalculus II

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Summer 2018 quarter (First Session)

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mathematics, education, anthropological mathematics


Successful completion of functions-based precalculus I.

Precalculus II is a problem-solving-based overview of functions that model change and is the final course in the two-quarter precalculus sequence. The course continues to prepare students for calculus and more advanced study in mathematics and science. The course includes a rigorous study of, sinusoidal functions, right and non-right triangle trigonometry, polynomial, and rational functions in addition to, vectors, parametric equations and polar coordinates and curves. Student-centered, collaborative learning and approaching problems with multiple representations (algebraically, numerically, graphically, and verbally) will be emphasized. A graphing calculator is required for the course.

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education mathematics

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Mathematics, science, education, economics.


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Mon-Thu 8am-10am

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