Policy, Finance and Budgeting for Public Administration PNAPP

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Spring 2018 quarter

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education, public policy, government
public administration, American literature
public administration

The course provides a foundational and applied understanding with the introduction to budgeting, policy analysis, policy-making and financial management with an emphasis on Public and non-profit administration and public policy; working with strategic government, non-profit and private partnerships as well as inter-governmental federal and state perspectives and models.  These topics and related skills are fundamental to public administration.  We engage in policy analysis to rigorously examine challenges in the public arena and to critique possible solutions to public and tribal issues.  We will engage in discussion, applied case studies, assignments and workshops to learn to craft alternatives and identify preferred solutions.  We will chart the course of potential solutions through the policy-making process into effective laws or administrative solutions, allocating public funds and tracking how the funds are spent.  Ultimately, budgets reflect a society’s choices as they move through the policy-making process through elected representatives who should be accountable for making choices in the public’s behalf.  As public administrators, we may be pulled in at any point in the process, so it is necessary to have reasonably strong skills in all of these areas.  Additionally, understanding how different governments work together (local, State, Federal and Tribal) to maximize public policy and financial decisions. Understanding the praxis of governance with other governmental priorities as well as stakeholder involvement with the policy process will be critical in finance and budgeting decisions.

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