Photography from Above

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Summer 2018 (Second Session)
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Is the photograph a means of appropriation, obliteration and conquest, or is the fixed image a tool for reflection, epiphany and positive change? How one chooses to address these questions depends in part on the subjects viewed through the lens and the unique perspective it offers. In this intensive writing course, we’ll inch toward some answers by focusing on one specific genre: the aerial photograph. Material covered will explore the technological and conceptual innovations that attended the advent and development of photography from the air, and through discussion, writing and collaboration, we’ll uncover the artifice of aerial survey. We’ll interrogate aerial photographs as both signifier and supplement for the subjects they portray and we’ll explore the relationship between new ways of seeing and environmental change. Of course we’ll look a lot of images; and we’ll ask what they tell us about the relationship between people and landscapes, defined broadly. But we’ll also read a lot, mostly in the history and philosophy of photography. Students can expect to hone their capacity for reading images and be challenged to develop solid, structured arguments that contribute to broader debates with unique, personal interpretations.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: civil society, academia, business, government

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