Permaculture Design

Spring 2020
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 35
16 Credits per quarter
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Permaculture is a global movement that works to design sustainable human habitation systems embedded in local cultures and ecosystems. The permaculture design process is highly collaborative and relies on visual communication to share ideas on paper, create maps, and finalize design plans. In studying this design process you will learn observation skills and ecological principles including disturbance, succession, niches, species interactions, ecophysiology, and an introduction to soils, nutrient cycling, economic botany, microclimates, hydrology, earthworks, ecobuilding, and energy and water storage systems. These concepts and more will be incorporated into learning the permaculture design process based on the internationally recognized permaculture design certificate course.

We will use the campus farm area as our design and hands-on learning laboratory as a way to put theory to practice. For seminar, students will read, critically examine, and write reviews of popular press books and peer-reviewed articles on the science and philosophy of permaculture design. The program will be structured to meet intensively on campus for the first five weeks. The second five weeks you will work independently as individuals or in small groups to create a design project for a campus site of their choosing. Students will be instructed on how to create an e-portfolio on Wordpress for their design work; these will be shared and critiqued within the program as the primary means of interaction in our learning community. Students may also propose off-campus design sites for instructor consideration; these may require additional in-program internship arrangements with Academic Advising, so advance planning by the student would be needed. This program does not have prerequisites, yet it would be well suited for students who complete the fall-winter Analyzing Permaculture Systems program to gain a more advanced understanding of permaculture theory, practices, and gain permaculture design training.


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environmental studies, permaculture design, agriculture, and sustainability studies.

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