Path to Sovereignty

Fall 2018
Day and Weekend
Graduate Only
Class Size: 35
4 Credits per quarter
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The Path to Sovereignty course will provide a historical context of Tribal governance, federal Indian Law and Policy, as well as contemporary issues of sovereignty confronting Tribes and governments. The goal of the quarter is to understand historical origins of the current laws and policies that constitute the legal, economic, and social political environment that Tribal Governments operate in today.


Course Learning Objectives-Main Topics/Themes

  • Describe traditional forms and representations of sovereignty and governance.
  • Evaluate how the concepts of “discovery” and “conquest” as articulated by colonial sovereigns, contributed to the development of the United States.
  • Evaluate the historical and contemporary records of initiatives that have affected the formulation and implementation of policy on Tribal governments and Tribal members.
  • List and analyze political trends and Tribal initiatives for future impact.
  • Overview of the history of Federal Indian Policy
  • Deconstructing existing US colonial policies
  • Understanding the meaning of Tribal Sovereignty
  • Understanding the praxis of theoretical and practical application of Sovereignty
  • Application of Sovereign governance to Tribal economies, government, environmental and other cultural/social systems


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GR (4): 10108

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In Person
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Day and Weekend
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Nov 16-18, Nov 30-Dec 2, 1-5p Fri, 9a-5p Sat/Sun

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