Pandemic Academy: A Close Look at the COVID-19 Moment

Spring 2020
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 50
2 Credits per quarter
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"Pandemic Academy" is an opportunity to learn about a wide range of issues raised by COVID-19. As the German sociologist Karl Mannheim noted in his 1928 essay “The Problem of Generations,” a generation is not primarily defined by when people are born, but by the shared experience of unforeseen events of world historical importance. This pandemic is just such an event. It has simultaneously interrupted everyday habits, disrupted educational and cultural institutions, threatened the delivery of health care, challenged political systems, and depressed the world economy. When it is over, our world will be different than it was before.

In order to better understand the pandemic, students will view weekly on-line lectures by Evergreen faculty and outside speakers about aspects of this historical moment. Topics will include community resilience, labor and food justice, the biology and epidemiology of public health, and the moral content of large-scale crises.  Each student will engage in a weekly on-line chat group, keep a journal, and write reflection papers at the beginning and the end of the quarter.


NOTE: Several other academic programs will be incorporating aspects of this 2-credit "Pandemic Academy" course. if you are in one of the participating programs below, please consult with your faculty before registering for this offering: "Gateways," "Flaming Eggplant," "Irrepressible Bodies," "Comparative Eurasian Foodways," "American Frontiers," and "SOS: CCBLA."


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