Organizational Behavior

Fall 2018
Evening and Weekend
Graduate Only
Class Size: 15
2 Credits per quarter
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Organizations fail or succeed because of their people.  When it comes to effective leadership, understanding and managing human behavior is the real business.  This course explores how individuals and groups behave and interact with each other to achieve organization’s mission. It equips students with the theory, research, and skills necessary to become more effective leaders and managers in today’s evolving organizations.  The primary objective of this course is to help students apply key concepts and practices of organizational behavior to lead, motivate and engage their employees and teams, create sustainable change and leverage human resources more effectively.  To assist students with linking theory to practice and thinking critically, skill-based assessments, role-plays, case analysis and team activities have been incorporated into this course. 


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Evening and Weekend
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Oct 19-21, 5-9p Fri, 9a-5p Sat/Sun

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