OneStop Shops and Wraparound Services: Integrated Service Delivery in the Public Sphere

Winter 2022
Evening and Weekend
Graduate Only
Class Size: 15
4 Credits per quarter
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For the past several years, a wide variety of organizations have moved to an integrated approach to better serve their clients, patients, participants, or other beneficiaries. These groups include healthcare, mental health, workforce development, and youth development agencies in both tribal and non-tribal communities. Some are even using this approach to plan and implement diverse projects like highway construction. Descriptors also vary substantially and include one-stop, circles of care, systems of care, wrap around, among others. 

This course introduces this approach to students and helps them understand and appreciate why organizations have chosen to adopt it. For example, many of those adopting integrated services have found them to be more efficient and effective overall in producing successful client outcomes. The classes will also share why diverse funders have chosen to encourage and fund pilot and ongoing projects to implement integrated services. We will consider several case studies so students gain real world understanding and experience in the development of these systems, their implementation, and mechanisms to secure funding for them. These case studies will draw from examples in both tribal and non-tribal settings.


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Evening and Weekend
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