Native Pathways Program: Legacies of Resistance (Tacoma)

Fall 2019
Native Pathways - Tacoma
Evening and Weekend
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 20
12 Credits per quarter
Variable credit options, see below
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Native Pathways Program (NPP): Indigenous & Native Futurisms is designed to introduce the multi-faceted and multi-perspective concept and practice of using story (written and visual) as a tool for examining the underpinnings of historical legacy as connected to the present, and preparing for the future. Students will dissect the binary of colonization and decolonization in relation and connection to Indigenous futurist aesthetics.

This program is grounded in critical analysis, understanding cultural intricacies (local and global), and expanding skills in rhetoric. The idea of using story as a didactic tool is not new to Indigenous peoples, but as technology advances, we have more modalities in which to communicate ideas. We will look at written stories, oral stories, films, graphic novels, and visual artworks that illustrate the concept of Indigenous & Native Futurisms. Students are expected to write reflections, annotate their readings, critically analyze visual artworks, and craft a Research Analysis Essay that reflects the art of rhetoric and identifies multiple perspectives. The author, Deborah Miranda, in her book Bad Indians , says: "Story is the most powerful force in the world--in our world, maybe in all worlds. Story is culture. Story, like culture, is constantly moving. It is a river where no gallon of water is the same gallon it was one second ago. Yet it is still the same river. It exists as a truth. As a whole. Even if the whole is in constant change. In fact, because of constant change." As such, students will reflect on the role of story in the imagining of the Indigenous & Native future; how can we transform and transmit culture and tradition? How do we discuss continuing social, economical, political issues that are a direct result of an often ignored by mainstream history of settler-colonization? This program will present these questions and more to learn across cultures and strengthen interdisciplinary thinking.

NPP facilitates learning by incorporating western and indigenous pedagogy, but presenting materials through an indigenous lens. Students are expected to attend classes with their site faculty during the week and meet at the Evergreen Longhouse on the first Saturday Orientation (October 5), plus two Saturday & Sunday weekends (November 1-2 & December 7-8) to earn the full 12 credits. 



This program is designed for students with strong social, cultural or economic ties to local tribal communities, on or off Indian reservations.  To be formally admitted to the Native Pathways Program, prospective students must meet the following criteria:

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Jr - Sr (12): 10236
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Evening and Weekend
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TAC 206
Native Pathways - Tacoma


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2019-07-30 Student fee increased to $60 (was $50)
2019-05-16 Title Change (was Indigenous and Native Futurism)
2019-05-06 Student fee raised to $50 (was $25)