Microeconomics and Markets

Fall 2021
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 25
16 Credits per quarter
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How do markets function?  What determines prices of goods and services?  What determines wages?  What determines income and wealth?  What about the prices of houses?  In this program, we will explore how markets function, sometimes well and sometimes badly.

The program consists of three parts. Morning lectures and workshops will focus on textbook introductory microeconomics (e.g., consumer theory, theory of the firm, determinants of supply and demand, market failure and the role of the government), and basic quantitative skills for interpreting economic data.  During afternoon seminars, we will focus on the critical assessment of economic schools of thought (e.g., neoclassical, institutionalist, political economy) including their diverse interpretations of the efficacy of markets, efficiency, exploitation and equity.  Finally, students will complete two mini-projects related to markets, applied microeconomics, and/or economic justice.

This program will be fully remote, using Canvas and Zoom. To successfully participate, students will need a reliable internet connection and regular access to a computer.  Students are expected to attend live, interactive sessions with program faculty and peers 12 hours per week.  If at some point during the quarter, students find themselves unable to participate in live sessions due to extenuating circumstances, they can work with faculty to pursue alternate options to earn related credit.


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economics, political science, political economy, business and public administration.

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