Material Matters: The Material Worlds of Art and Science

Spring 2022
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 48
16 Credits per quarter
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Join us for a hands-on exploration of how we shape materials and how materials shape us. In this introduction to practices in 3D art studios and physical science labs, we will alloy art and science with history and culture, and ask the following questions: How do we combine observation, reason, and imagination to produce new materials and objects? How do we explore the creative and practical uses these materials and objects can be put to? What new meanings might result?

This integrated program is designed for students who desire to have a broader and deeper understanding of connections between material science, art, design, and metalsmithing. We don’t expect students to have prior experience in art or science, but students with previous experience will see materials in new ways.

Our schedule will include extensive time in studios and labs, specific skills workshops, lectures, and seminars. In lab, we will investigate the broader material world and see how the structures and processing of materials affect their behaviors and properties. Results from lab experiments will be further illuminated in intensive studio sessions where we will use our hands and tools to manipulate copper, silver, and steel alloys. Using these metals in combination with non-metal materials, we will design and create objects with purpose and meaning.

In seminar, we will discuss the historical and cultural significance of materials, while also honing introductory college-level reading and writing. Students will work together and be supported in developing quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills in both the lab and studio. Final collaborative projects and public presentations will synthesize knowledge gained in the program.

Program participants should anticipate spending a minimum of 40 hours a week on this program, including three to four days a week on the Evergreen Olympia campus and some on-line class time.

We expect students to finish the program with a strong understanding of the scientific and artistic concepts that help us investigate and influence the world. Students will be prepared for foundational work in the visual arts and physical sciences.


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materials science, physical sciences, metalsmithing, object design, visual art, education/teaching

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