Master in Teaching Summer Start - UG option

Summer 2021 Full Session
Senior Only
Class Size: 40
12 Credits per quarter
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Master in Teaching: Summer Start

“The Roots” Quarter

This summer program provides the foundations– the roots– for the four-quarter MiT teacher education program. Through workshops, seminars, virtual field trips, student-generated projects and dialogue with guest educators and mentors, we will explore such central themes and questions as:

PLACE: How can we acknowledge the land on which we live?What historical and cultural influences have created, contributed and continue to influence who we are as a community? How can teachers further develop their knowledge of place while situating that knowledge within their educational philosophy and a decolonizing pedagogy?

KNOWLEDGE & EPISTEMOLOGY: Where does knowledge come from? Whose knowledge counts? How can teachers expand their understanding of knowledge in order to develop a humane, vibrant, just, and culturally responsive classroom?

TAKING A STAND: How have historical events and political positions influenced education in America? What political issues are relevant to schooling at present?  In what ways are teaching and learning politically linked? How can educators help students transform their learning in ways that empower communities today?

Drawing from these collective foundations, students will develop their local knowledge about a place, its cultures, its peoples; and the schools and districts of the region. Given this awareness, students will develop culturally responsive practices which are at the core of learning to teach in a diverse society. Students will have opportunities to examine education, schooling, teaching through dialogue, study, as well as community and action work.

Students who successfully complete the quarter will earn credit in:  Social foundations of education (3 credits); Learning theory (3 credits); Community teaching (3 credits); Culturally responsive classroom management (1 credit); Culturally responsive differentiated instruction (1 credit); Field work (1 credit)

Summer classes will take place June 21 - September 3 on Mondays and Thursdays from 10 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. These classes will include both asynchronous and synchronous work sessions.

Technology needs for this fully remote program (using Zoom) include access to the internet, video, audio and Canvas.


Summer 2021 Registration

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Sr Full Session (12): 40137

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$25 community based experience fee

Special Expenses

Candidates must pay a required fee of $41.75 plus processing fees to an Education Service District (ESD) for finger-printing and background check before fall quarter begins.

Candidates also pay for gas or for public transportation to public schools for field experiences during fall, winter, and spring quarters. These placements are determined by the MiT Field Placement Officer. Given the changes in K-12 school context over the past year, some field placements may also involve hybrid or remote learning. 

An additional school-based video technology fee may be assessed during the program.


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