Master in Teaching Spring Start (Undergraduate Option)

Spring 2022
Evening and Weekend
Senior Only
Class Size: 15
12 Credits per quarter
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Master in Teaching: Spring Start

“The Roots” Quarter


This quarter provides the foundations– the roots– for the four-quarter MiT program. Through workshops, seminars, virtual field trips, dialogue with community mentors, teachings from guest educators, and reflective projects, we will explore these central themes and questions: 


PLACEHow can we acknowledge the land on which we live? What has happened here? What is happening here? How can teachers draw on knowledge of place within their work? 


KNOWLEDGEWhere does knowledge come from? Whose knowledge counts? How can teachers expand their notions of knowledge in order to learn? How can teachers expand their notions of knowledge in order to further develop humane, vibrant, just, and both culturally sustaining and responsive classrooms? 


TAKING A STAND: How are teaching and learning political acts?  What political issues, then and now, impact schooling.? How does one learn to “teach against the grain”? What commitments do we have?


Students will have opportunities to learn from the stories of community mentors and elders; educators and scholars in the field; each other; and from historical mentors.  Drawing on these perspectives, students will have opportunities to learn about: the social stories and histories of this place; the schools and districts in the region; culturally responsive and sustaining practices that will be at the core of our learning to teach; and political issues in education. Students will have opportunities to learn through dialogue, conversation, and study; community and action work; and through the application of different lenses to examine teaching, learning, schooling, and education.


Students who successfully complete the quarter will earn credit in:  Social foundations of education (3 credits); Learning theory (3 credits); Community teaching (3 credits); Culturally responsive classroom management (1 credit); Culturally responsive differentiated instruction (1 credit); Field work (1 credit)


You can expect 2 hours of synchronous (live) meetings on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6-8pm); 4 hours of asynchronous work; and three weekend synchronous sessions throughout the quarter (9am-4pm). 


Technology needs: For this fully remote program, students will need access to Zoom and Canvas.



Undergraduate Evergreen Candidates must apply for and be accepted into the Master in Teaching program. Please see for information about preparing for and applying to the program. A new cohort begins each spring or summer and continues into the next academic year. No new candidates are accepted after the cohort begins.   Admitted students take the entire program, earning 60 credits in an interdisciplinary program. 

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Admittance to the MiT Undergraduate/Graduate Program. See prerequisite box for more information.  

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Sr (12): 30432

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Teaching or further graduate work

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$50 fee for entrance fees and subscriptions

Special Expenses

Candidates must pay a required fee of $41.75 plus processing fees to an Education Service District (ESD) for finger-printing and background check before fall quarter begins.

Candidates also pay for gas or for public transportation to public schools for field experiences during fall, winter, and spring quarters. These placements are determined by the MiT Field Placement Officer. Given the changes in K-12 school context over the past year, some field placements may also involve hybrid or remote learning. 

An additional school-based video technology fee may be assessed during the program.


Time Offered
Evening and Weekend
Additional Schedule Details

to be announced in July

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