Marketing with GIS

Spring 2020
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 37
16 Credits per quarter
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This program examines how geographic information systems (GIS) technology may be used to help solve various marketing problems.  Students will learn skills in the use of GIS through hands-on mapping exercises and homework assignments using ArcGIS Pro desktop mapping software.  Students will also be introduced to GIS information technology for collaboration and publishing interactive apps using the ArcGIS Online cloud computing system.  The GIS skills are cumulative from week to week, leading up to the use of geodatabases for production of professional quality map layouts and spatial analysis layers.  Over the course of the quarter, students will progressively develop a final project on a marketing topic, which they will present to the class during Week 10.

Geographic information systems convert data into maps, which can be used to enhance various elements of a company’s marketing methodology. Since it is important for companies to direct their marketing efforts toward their target audiences correctly, knowing the location of various customers could be very helpful.  Demand for goods and services may also vary according to their location and other demographic factors.

GIS is only a tool, and its effectiveness depends upon the knowledge and expertise of the user.  Although significant technological changes in the making and use of maps have added power and speed to mapmaking, there are also new complexities.  Geographic characteristics may vary widely from region to region, and a map inevitably presents only some of the many possible characteristics of the places it depicts.  Good marketing management requires paying close attention to these limitations and complexities.

This program is based on application of the ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online software, created and distributed by Esri, Inc. ( ).  Each week, faculty will teach a short-format lab exercise that focuses on use of Esri software for specific desktop mapping and spatial data management skills.  Students will also be introduced to a long-format mapping and analysis assignment that addresses a marketing need, such as demographic analysis, market profiling, retail site selection, field data survey design, or another business topic.  Homework will be due by the following week for timely review and discussion.

Software will be provided (at no cost to students) for use on Evergreen computers and for optional installation by students on their own home (Windows) computers.  Students are allowed to maintain the granted GIS software licenses for the duration of their education at The Evergreen State College.


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No GIS knowledge is required to take this introductory course.  Students should have a basic knowledge of Excel software and the use of the Windows operating system for folder and file management.

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business, economics, and/or the social sciences, or seeking employment in the private sector, government or nonprofit organizations. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be better equipped to understand how to operate a successful business, work with data in conducting business and public policy, and be better prepared for the quantitative requirements of businesses and government.

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