Making Change: Social Entrepreneurship and the Public Good

Fall 2019
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 40
8 Credits per quarter
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Social enterprise, defined as business organizations with the primary aim of serving the common good, are growth engines for building communities and implementing positive social change. This one-quarter program will develop the competencies required to become effective social entrepreneurs and to establish and run a sustainable non-profit business. Topics will include leadership, business management, writing, communication, and other skills needed for starting, operating, and promoting a successful and financially sustainable non-profit business organization. Students will explore issues, challenges, and opportunities that arise from working with various types of social enterprises and public organizations across the boundaries of cultural difference.

This program--for students interested in business finance, community development, organizational behavior, leadership, writing, and communication--will facilitate individual and group learning through active involvement in seminar discussions, workshop activities, writing, oral presentations, and work with community leaders and organizations. Students will develop habits of organization, critical reading, writing, analysis, and reflection that they can apply to their personal and professional lives. They will practice the art and craft of writing and communication, including skills and techniques for developing and editing feature article and short forms of business or professional writing, as well as telling stories and giving effective oral, visual, or media presentations. Students will design and implement individual and group projects, and do research and analysis of community-based social and non-profit business models.  The program will meet in accelerated weekend-intensives designed for students who have busy lives. 

We will focus on the development, management, and financing of a social enterprise. We will cover topics of basic financial accounting, costs and price setting for social enterprises' products, and general topics on micro and macroeconomics. Over the quarter, we will ask questions to guide our work, including what is the impact of philanthropic organizations locally and globally? What does it take to serve the common good? How do visionary leaders and social entrepreneurs create effective change? What are the different roles of non-profit organizations, government agencies, private businesses, foundations, or co-ops?  How can individuals and communities envision a world that works for all, and work in ways that sustain people, the planet, and prosperity? How do individuals, organizations, and communities create change through the stories they tell and the messages they share? What does it take to cultivate lives of leadership, service, meaningful work, and reciprocity in private, public, or non-profit organizations, particularly during times of challenge and change?

12 credit option: Students who enroll for 12 credits will participate in all program activities plus a 4 credit in-program Individual Learning Contract (ILC) or Internship. The content of the ILC or internship needs to relate to the program and will need to be approved by the faculty by the end of Week 1 of the quarter. Email the faculty directly with any questions.


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Entrepreneurship and business management, community service and development, leadership, government, fundraising, writing, public speaking, economics and communications.

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