Learn to Fly Drones and Prepare to Take the FAA "Part 107" Exam

Summer 2022 Full Session
Freshman - Graduate
Class Size: 18
4 Credits per quarter
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Agencies, companies, and people are increasingly acquiring Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - popularly known as "drones"- and using them to capturing high-resolution aerial photography of landscapes, buildings, events, and more. Many uses of drones require the drone pilot to earn a remote pilot certificate through successful completion of the written examination offered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This course will help students learn the body of knowledge necessary to take the examination and achieve a commercial drone pilot certification under "Part 107" regulations of the FAA. Students will also gain hands-on experience with drones provided by Evergreen.

Students will learn how to capture video and photography of their flights, using different angles, filters, and other remote photography techniques. Adobe software will be provided for video editing, creating transitions, embedding captions and music, and creating dramatic movie effects from their drone flight data. As their final project, students will edit and publish a video recording on a topic of their choice.

Each module of the course will include instruction on drone flight and photography techniques.  A detailed review of the FAA Study Guide will cover the topics required by the FAA Part 107 exam, including airspace regulations, aviation weather, emergency procedures, airport operations, radio communication procedures, aircraft performance and loading, crew resource management, and aeronautical decision-making. 

Practice Part 107 examinations will be offered in each knowledge area and reviewed weekly to help increase knowledge and confidence concerning the many rules and complexities of commercial drone flight.

This drone flight class may be taken concurrently with the GIS and science-oriented class titled "Mapping with Drones" also offered during summer quarter.


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