Leading and Managing in a Changing World

Fall 2018
Winter 2019
Spring 2019
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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The business world has entered a new normal characterized by relentless change, complexity and continuous disruptions. Emerging trends in globalization, technology, politics, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, demographics and multiple generations in the workplace have further complicated leadership and management roles and responsibilities in organizations. As a result, the business world is evolving and people are being recognized more and more as the source of business success and not a resource to it. Acknowledging the significance of people's individual and collective contributions to the success of an enterprise, many organizations have provided greater levels of delegation, participation and decision making to their employees at all levels, transforming the traditional roles of leaders and managers. To create a thriving and sustainable organizations, there is a need for conscious and authentic leaders who possess the appropriate competencies (i.e., empathy, collaboration, cultural affinity, flexibility, and interpersonal communication) and management skills (i.e., performance management, decision making, delegation, coaching, conflict management, and change management) to guide their organizations through the challenges of the 21 st century.

This program focuses on developing mindful and self-aware leaders who possess moral clarity, emotional intelligence and cognitive agility to inspire and engage others in building sustainable work communities. In this program, students will explore leadership, management, human resource and talent management and organizational psychology and behavior and gain insights into challenges and opportunities inherent in managing and leading people in tumultuous times. This program is highly interactive and collaborative. It teaches students critical concepts and skills to examine their values, purpose and passion to develop the foundation of their personal and professional leadership and the skills they need to be excellent people managers. This program provides students with the opportunity to reflect, collaborate, and learn through individual and group activities including self-evaluation, cases, discussions and seminars, field work, research and team projects.;

For the Fall quarter, the emphasis will be on organizational psychology and behavior (i.e., self-awareness, self-confident and self-efficacy) and developing self as a leader. The primary goal of this quarter will be to help student develop a sense of who they are, what their mission and purpose are, and how they can build a moral, psychological and cognitive foundation to become effective leaders and influencers.

In the Winter quarter, the focus will be on building skills and competencies to lead and influence others. To be an effective leader and people manager, students need to gain skills and competencies in team building, motivating and developing others, promoting diversity and inclusion, conflict management, risk taking, communication, goal setting, coaching and performance management.

In the Spring quarter, student will learn about leading and managing organizations in addition to gaining technical skills in human resource and talent management. Topics covered in this quarter will include strategic thinking and planning, problem solving, process improvement, creativity and innovation, change management, high emotional and cognitive intelligence, talent management and building resilient organizations.


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