Leadership Development: Theory & Practice, Interventions, and Use of Self

Fall 2020
Winter 2021
Spring 2021
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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We develop as leaders when we are ready and willing to make the hard changes in ourselves. Leadership develops when people realize that it is as much about their own personal lives as it is about their organizational roles.  Leaders live with constant demands from all levels of the systems in their organizations. They give and give and give and often receive little in return.  Leaders that are skillful have leadership habits that work but often aren’t always certain about why they work. Leaders often face new demands requiring new ways of leading and getting results. They often find themselves in the position to influence and work in many complex groups, and yet they feel isolated. Leadership development is both an outward and an inward journey that must engage the heart as well as the head—it is a call to grow personally and in our relationships. Developing our leadership capability is all about the personal and professional transformation that will create value for us as leaders, members of the team, and the organization as a whole. This three-quarter long program is designed for students who wish to understand leadership from an organization and personal perspective.  

Fall quarter the program will focus on the theory and practice of leadership. Students will explore the breadth and limitations of leadership theories (past and present) and trace their evolution. The course looks first at the organization as the context for leadership and how that context influences both leadership and followership.

Winter quarter the program will focus on “Use of Self as Leader”. Students will focus on enhancing skills to influence and organize others to accomplish key organizational goals. Students will spotlight leadership principles, complexities and challenges as well as strengths and development needs.  This quarter also examines the emerging concepts and literature on the value of soul and spirit in the workplace.

Spring quarter the program will focus on Organization Development This quarter provides a history and overview of the field of organizational development. Students will explore the work of key theorists and contributors to the field.  The course identifies the basic values, principles, theories, and models for understanding how and why organizations develop, behave and change in the ways that they do. In tandem with the theories, students explore the practice of Organizational Development, including the core concept: "Use of Self." Students examine the practices for leading and managing change at the individual, group and system levels. 

To be successful in this program, students will need to accept that developing leadership skills requires some necessary changes in behavior, a willingness to experiment and apply skills, and the evaluation of skill development through assessment of practice.  

Canvas and ZOOM participation will be a required part of this class. Canvas and Individual Assignments are Asynchronous/ Group work and Class meetings are Synchronous.


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