Introduction to Psychology

Fall 2019
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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Scientific inquiry into human behavior and cognition is a dynamic and rapidly growing field that influences personal development and diverse careers. This course examines essential aspects of the human experience (neurology, sensation and perception, personality, learning, memory, cognition, emotion) and political, economic, and cultural influences. Contemporary trends and specific sub-disciplines (neuropsychology, childhood development, gerontology, organizational behavior, wellness, etc.) will be addressed. Those seeking underpinnings for work in mental health and social work, education, medicine, public policy, and law, will find this course indispensable. Students will demonstrate skill at applying theory to practice in “psychological notebooks”, integrative response papers and group activities.

50% of this course will be on-line (using Slack chatrooms, watching my lectures, posting your work to the Canvas site, and responding to peer papers). On the first night of class during Week 1 you will gain proficiency using the on-line technology. It should be possible to schedule weekly seminars taking students’ preferences into consideration. The seminar schedule will be created by the start of the second week. If you have any questions about this use of hybrid learning, you can contact the faculty. The in-class portion of the course will include 12 hours the first week (Thursday night and the first Sunday) and 8 hours the final week of the quarter (the Sunday at the end of Week 10), with the remainder of instruction on-line. Faculty will be available on a regular basis throughout each week to guide your learning.


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