Introduction to Computer Science

Winter 2022
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 33
4 12 Credits per quarter
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Introduction to Computer Science is a one-quarter program covering the skills and concepts in discrete mathematics and computer programming required for continuing with a second-quarter computer science program. Students will be introduced to the abstractions and skills of discrete mathematics and will spend considerable time learning to program. Students are expected to understand high-school level algebra, but no prior experience is required in computer programming.

Discrete mathematics focuses on topics not covered in pre-calculus or calculus and will constitute approximately one-third of the program time (4 credits). It includes sets and functions, logic, binary numbers, and mathematical proofs along with an exploration of various other common discrete mathematical structures and methods used in computer science. This part of the program will be organized with weekly lectures, workshops, and homework. This 4 credit option is also available as a stand-alone option for students who need Discrete Mathematics for further work in computer science, but do not need the Programming portion of the program.

The other two-thirds of learning efforts and time (8 credits) will attend to learning and building basic skills in computer programming with the primary goal of learning to understand problems and how solve them using computing and mathematical abstractions. Computer programming will be organized with weekly lectures, labs, homework, and possibly group programming projects.

Successful completion of this program will prepare students to take Computer Science Foundations in the spring, which will then prepare students for upper division work in computer science.



High-school level algebra

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Computer science, mathematics, education, and technological support for data management and the sciences.

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